Designing Possibilities

Every year we set aside 10 days to investigate problems that inspire and perplex us.

Rooted in the principles of design thinking, Project: Pomfret encourages students and faculty to construct complex ideas in ways that are deeply and uniquely transformative. As the program unfurls, students working in small teams immerse themselves in the project process. They imagine and they make. They conceptualize and they create. They think and they do.

Faculty members serve as co-learners and journey guides while students investigate the complex, ill-defined problems shaping industries like science and technology, the arts, the environment, health and wellness, media and communications, and community building. The capstone of the program is the Project Fair — where students share and celebrate their design work with the Pomfret community.


Sample Project List


Documentary Filmmaking

Culture and Food

Building an App


Health and Wellness

Screen Printing

Food Waste

Drones and Video

Gratitude + Attitude

Pomfret Prep Sports Network (PPSN)

Environmental Appreciation

Music Performance

Pomfret Life Hacks

Trip to Costa Rica