Different by Design

Programs designed to get you thinking.

These programs do not fit into categories — and that is their strength. They ask questions without clear answers and pose problems without definite solutions. In the process, they challenge our students to stretch and grow.

Project: Pomfret

Project: Pomfret allows us to explore and investigate the problems that inspire and perplex us. The result is an experience steeped in discovery, measured by progress, and powered by possibility.

Global Studies

Our Travel Program gives students the opportunity to study anywhere in the world for credit.


Born from a handful of simple but important questions, QUEST is the cornerstone initiative of our student life curriculum. 


The Helios Project is a passive solar aquaponics greenhouse built by students. The greenhouse supports student research and supplies fresh produce to local food pantries.


Much like a college major, our Certificate Program offers deep exposure to a specific area of study during your time at Pomfret.

Community Service

At Pomfret, we believe community service is more than an idea. It’s a call to action. This program pairs students with community partners to do real work that changes lives for the better.

Special Guests

Every year we bring prominent guests to our doorstep.

Leaders in their respective fields, these visiting fellows share their time, talent, and perspectives with our teachers and students.

Schwartz Fellow

Since 1989, The Schwartz Visiting Fellow Program has brought world-renowned experts to the Pomfret School campus.

Lasell Alumni

The Lasell Visiting Alumni Program brings alumni home to Pomfret to share their time, talent, knowledge, and real-world experiences with students and faculty.

Carey Lectures

The W.P. Carey Lecture Series brings a representative from respected colleges and universities to campus each year.