Course Pathways

A carefully designed track and sequence.

As a freshman and sophomore, you will be exposed to a broad array of choices and options — think of them as building blocks — that will branch and narrow as you grow and mature. By the time you reach your junior and senior course selections, all that careful planning will set you up for college, and life. The beginning of that journey is a trio of freshman core courses, each designed to provide a strong foundation for future coursework in the arts, sciences, and humanities.

In 2017, Pomfret launched Humanities 1, an interdisciplinary program that unites freshman English and Global Studies classes. These courses, combined with our Freshman Arts Immersion class, which introduces students to the major art forms, marked a new and thoughtful approach to how Pomfret welcomes our youngest cohort of students to the Hilltop.


* Freshman math and world language placements depend on the student's background, ability, and interests.

In 2018, Pomfret introduced the third freshman core class in science — shifting from a physics-based approach to an engineering-based approach. The idea behind the new class was to offer students a common foundation that will allow them to be successful at the next level of our science offerings, while seeking to spark an interest in science for those who may not have found an area of passion yet. Chemistry, biology, and physics will all continue to be offered for forms four, five, and six, in addition to our elective offerings in astronomy, forensics, and environmental science.

* Sophomore math, science, world language, and elective placements depend on the student's background, ability, and interests.

Building on the freshman Humanities 1 curriculum, Humanities 2 was introduced to all sophomores in 2018, uniting sophomore English and American Studies classes for the first time. In addition, sophomores now take a new one-term health and wellness course that addresses topics such as social issues, healthy relationships, and substance abuse. This ensures they receive important information that is both essential and developmentally appropriate, while also expanding the QUEST curriculum for our sophomores. For students enrolled in Global and Sustainable Development as a sophomore, this requirement is deferred to junior year.

For the other two terms, sophomores are free to choose from a long list of electives. More often than not, at least one of those electives will be an art course.