Tailor Made

There is no "right way" to learn.

At Pomfret, we believe the gifts and talents that make each brain unique should fuel a passion for learning and exploration — not hinder it. Located on the second floor of the du Pont Library, the Collaborative Learning Center (CLC) is the hub of academic support. Here, our dedicated team of learning specialists will equip you with the skills, tools, and confidence you’ll need to succeed at Pomfret and beyond.

The Pomfret EDGE

Enhance. Develop. Grow. Empower.
Do you have academic talents and ambitions, but struggle to showcase your gifts?

Our EDGE program offers specialized learning support to students with diagnosed learning challenges. EDGE offerings are conducted in the Collaborative Learning Center.

This one-on-one class offers students the opportunity to develop compensatory strategies for remediating specific and general learning challenges in reading, written expression, receptive and expressive language, test taking skills, and executive functioning. Instruction and skills work are supported by brain-based learning principles, core class assignments, and supplemental materials, as well as multi-sensory resources to assist in learning reinforcement. As part of the experience, the Learning  Specialist creates an individualized curriculum tailored to address the specific needs and goals of the student. This 1:1 class is offered in a 35-minute period, and for those students requiring a more robust support curriculum, a 70-minute class period is available at the discretion of the Director of Learning Support. Documentation is required.

35-Minute Class » $2,000 per term
70-Minute Class » $4,000 per term

Supported Study Hall: This program provides a quiet, monitored environment exclusive to those students enrolled in our 1:1 EDGE class who need assistance and direction when tackling their nightly workload. A faculty member oversees and supports each student with a plan to complete nightly assignments. Enrollment in Supported Study Hall is at the discretion of the Director of Learning Support and Academic Dean, and based on student documentation and level of need.  NO ADDED COST.

Coached Study Hall: This 70-minute study hall, monitored by a faculty member, provides general executive function strategies to students in the first 10 minutes of each class. Any student seeking a structured work environment during the day may enroll. Some students may also be required by the School to enroll in a Coached Study Hall as part of a plan for academic improvement. NO ADDED COST.

Pomfret strives to work with all students, including those with learning disabilities, so that they may have a fair and reasonable opportunity for academic success. In order to receive accommodations, a student must have a report written and completed by a qualified learning specialist/psychologist within the last three years. Accommodations will be determined accordingly, though essential academic requirements of the school will not be altered.

Haley McInerney

Haley McInerney

Director of Learning Support
Lauren Griffin

Lauren Griffin

Assistant Director of Learning Support, Testing Coordinator
Tucker Prudden

Tucker Prudden

History Teacher, Learning Support Team