Freshmen Fundamentals

A carefully designed track and sequence.

As a freshman and sophomore, you will be exposed to a broad array of choices and options — think of them as building blocks — that will branch and narrow as you grow and mature. By the time you reach your junior and senior course selections, all that careful planning will set you up for college, and life. The beginning of that journey is a yearlong course we call Freshman Fundamentals, which combines three unique courses, each designed to provide a strong foundation for future coursework in the arts, sciences, and humanities.

The first plank in the program is an Arts Immersion course that will help you develop your imagination, improve your problem solving abilities, and hone your skills in written and oral presentation. Armed with this experience in self-expression, reflection and metacognition, this course won't simply make you a better artist, it will make you a better thinker.

As a freshman, you'll also be exposed to an interdisciplinary humanities course designed to break down barriers. By uniting English and history under a single essential question that changes each term, this team-taught program will provide you with a foundational experience that transcends traditional academic boundaries, asking you to make connections between seemingly disparate things.

The last plank in the Freshman Fundamentals program is a unique introductory physics course. The ultimate goal of this freshmen-only course is to develop a mindset of scientific curiosity, rigor, and excitement that prepares you for the next several years of scientific inquiry at Pomfret.