Staying together, even while we are apart.

To help create a world-class distance learning program for our students, we have doubled-down on familiar platforms like Google and Sundial, and invested in new ones like Zoom and Loom. To keep things simple and consistent, we are asking students and teachers to use these tools, and only these tools, to connect with each other.



Google remains our preferred method of communication when it comes to email, chat, and calendar. Not much change here.


Sundial is the backbone of our distance learning program. It's where you can find class pages and assignments, discussion boards, grades and comments, and tutorials. Who knew it could do so much?


Teachers and advisors will use Zoom to host live video events like office hours and extra help sessions, and maybe even school meeting from time-to-time. Get used to staring at yourself. 


Loom allows you to record video with your computer's camera, capture your screen, or combine the two — all with audio. Pretty handy during a pandemic, wouldn't you say?


Use Tool
Learning Management System  Sundial
Communication Gmail
Communication Google Chat
Presentations Google Slides
 Videoconferencing Zoom
 Collaboration and productivity Google Drive
Collaboration and productivity Google Docs
Creative pursuits Adobe Creative Cloud
 Screencasting Loom

Zoom Backgrounds

Looking to bring a bit of Pomfret to your Zoom meetings? We've got you covered. Click on any image to open it in a new window, and then right-click to save the image. To add it to your library, open Zoom, choose Settings (the little gear), and then select Virtual Background.