Better than Before

We took everything we learned from this past spring and used it to create a new and improved distance learning program for this fall. 

Even as we welcome students back to campus this fall, we recognize that not every student will be able to join us right away. We also recognize that even though campus is open and things are going well, a rise in the prevalence of disease may require a temporary return to remote instruction, in the dorms or at home. That’s why we have created a best-in-class distance learning option available to any student who needs it. Our distance learning program will enable students to remain on-pace with their on-campus classmates, so when they return to campus, their integration into in-person classes will be as seamless as possible.

Our Better Than Before distance learning model will continue to leverage asynchronous coursework, but this time around it will be supplemented by a heavy dose of synchronous connection with teachers and classmates, which we know is essential to building and maintaining the relationships that are at the core of the Pomfret Experience.

If you elect the distance learning option, we will refund 15 percent of your net tuition on a prorated basis and enroll your child in our distance learning program. For a boarding student who is not on financial aid, the annual amount calculates to $10,000. Refunds will be credited in the last month of each term.



"For those of us who cannot make it back to campus right away, classes will feel a little different this fall, but the essence of the Pomfret Experience, rich with human relationships, challenging courses, and engaging learning opportunities, will remain unchanged."





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Contact the Director of the Grauer Institute
For issues related to our distance learning program. (860) 963-5289

For questions about Google, Sundial, Zoom, Loom, computers, or internet.  (860) 963-5607