The Theater program is a dynamic and comprehensive educational experience designed to foster creativity, develop performance skills, and cultivate a deep appreciation for the dramatic arts.

THROUGH A DIVERSE RANGE OF COURSES AND PRACTICAL EXPERIENCES, students can expect to explore the various aspects of theater, including acting, directing, stagecraft, and dramatic theory. While engaged in theater arts at Pomfret, students can expect to learn performance skills, developing acting techniques, including voice control, physicality, and emotional expression, allowing them to effectively portray characters on stage.
Through public performances and individual coursework, students will explore collaboration and teamwork. Through participation in productions and group projects, students will learn the importance of working collaboratively, respecting diverse perspectives, and communicating effectively within a theater ensemble. Students will engage in textual analysis, interpreting scripts and identifying the central themes, motifs, and dramatic elements. They will develop the ability to critically evaluate performances and offer constructive feedback. Students will explore their artistic voices through acting, directing, playwriting, and other creative outlets, fostering self-expression and originality.

Overall, the Theater program at Pomfret School offers a well-rounded education in the dramatic arts, providing students with the skills, knowledge, and experiences necessary for a lifelong engagement with theater, whether as performers, directors, playwrights, or enthusiastic audience members.

Sample Courses