Sculpture and Ceramics

The Sculpture and Ceramics program offers students a dynamic and immersive exploration of artistic expression through three-dimensional forms.

THESE COURSES PROVIDE A COMPREHENSIVE STUDY OF SCULPTURE AND CERAMICS, encompassing various techniques, materials, and conceptual approaches. Students will engage in a hands-on learning experience, developing their artistic abilities, creative problem-solving skills, and critical thinking.

The Sculpture & Ceramics courses offer students the opportunity to explore both functional and sculptural applications. Through hand-building techniques like pinching, coiling, and slab construction, as well as wheel throwing, students will learn to shape clay into vessels, sculptures, and other ceramic forms. They will also gain proficiency in glazing and surface treatments, discovering the transformative effects of different firing methods. Students will learn to balance technical skills with creative expression, pushing the boundaries of traditional ceramics to develop their unique artistic voice.

While enrolled in Sculpture & Ceramics courses at Pomfret School, students will be engaged in a collaborative and supportive artistic community: The Sculpture and Ceramics courses at Pomfret School foster an environment of collaboration and mutual support, where students can share ideas, offer constructive feedback, and learn from one another's artistic journeys.  Their creative journeys are represented all over campus by the displays of student artwork in all of our academic and administrative buildings.

Sample Courses