The Music program offers a comprehensive and dynamic learning experience for students passionate about exploring the world of music.

WHETHER STUDENTS ARE BEGINNERS OR ADVANCED MUSICIANS, the program provides a wide range of courses and opportunities for artistic growth and expression. Through a combination of theoretical study, practical training, and performance opportunities, students can expect to develop a deep understanding and appreciation for music while honing their skills in various musical disciplines.  Students can participate in courses throughout the traditional academic day, or later in the evening in a special “M Block” course time.  Students can participate in music in a variety of settings from private lessons, to ensembles and many additional group classes such as Guitar and Uke, Music Production or Songwriting.

While enrolled in the music offerings at Pomfret School, students In the music program at Pomfret School, students will learn a variety of skills and concepts that will enhance their musical knowledge and abilities. Some key concepts they will explore include: music theory, including notation, scales, chords, intervals, and key signatures. They will learn how to read and interpret sheet music, analyze musical structures, and apply theoretical concepts to their own compositions and performances.  Whether students are focusing on a specific instrument or participating in vocal studies, they will receive comprehensive instruction in technique and musicianship. They will learn proper posture, breath control, articulation, and phrasing to produce a quality sound. Students will also gain proficiency in sight-reading, ensemble playing, and solo performance.  Students will explore the rich history of music, from classical compositions to contemporary works. They will learn about different musical periods, genres, and influential composers. Through analysis and discussion, students will develop a deeper appreciation for music and its cultural significance.

The music program emphasizes performance as a crucial aspect of musical education. Students will have numerous opportunities to showcase their skills through solo performances, ensemble participation, chapel performances and community events. They will learn stage presence, interpretation, expressive playing, and effective communication with an audience.

In our ensembles and contemporary music bands, students will develop their ability to work collaboratively with other musicians in various ensemble settings. They will learn the importance of listening, blending, and responding to fellow performers, creating a cohesive musical experience. Through rehearsals and performances, students will refine their teamwork skills and learn the art of musical communication.

Overall, students enrolled in the Music program at Pomfret School can expect a well-rounded education that encompasses music theory, performance skills, historical context, and technological proficiency. They will develop a deep appreciation for music as an art form, cultivate their artistic abilities, and build a strong foundation for future endeavors in music or related fields.

Sample Courses