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Our course catalogue is tailor-made to meet your specific needs and interests, in college and life. With classes like forensic science, aquaponics, economics and entrepreneurship, astronomy, coding, animation, anthropology, ceramics, happiness, and so many others, the problem isn't what to take, it's what not to take.



World Languages



History & Social Sciences


Graduation Requirements

• Four years of English, through all three terms of English IV

• Three years of mathematics, through Integrated Math III/Algebra II and through the junior year

• Two years of history: Modern World History and United States History, plus the equivalent of a full year of History in the junior or senior year. 

• Two years of core laboratory science: Engineering: Science By Design, Physics, Chemistry, Engineer Your World, or Biology 
 (Students must complete the equivalent of one full year of science during the junior or senior year.)   

• Through level three of a world language (Waived for non-English speaking international students)

• Six terms of fine arts (Recommended sequence: three as a freshman, two as a sophomore, one as a junior or senior)

  • One term of digital arts
  • One term of religion 
  • One term of Health and Wellness