Roles and Responsibilities

We all share the road.

It has long been said that much of college guidance is about relationships — between student and counselor, between school and college, between counselor and parent. Nowhere is that statement truer than at Pomfret.​

Student: Your job is to make the best possible use of your time and opportunities. Make reasoned decisions, be forthright, advocate for yourself, ask for help, follow a schedule, meet deadlines, stay organized, and enjoy the ride. Your parents and your school are here to guide you, but you are the keeper of your own future.

Parent: Your job is to keep your child on target and on task. Help with the search process, bring them on campus visits, share your own hard-won wisdom, talk openly and honestly about financial matters, and inject a healthy dose of reality into the conversation.

Pomfret: Our job is to guide and support students and parents throughout the college search process. Specifically, we are here to provide the information, support, structure, guidance, advice, and advocacy you need to find and choose your best-fit college.

A Note about Consultants: For most families, hiring an outside college consultant is not necessary, but for those families who choose to do so, we welcome the opportunity to work with him or her in service of the student’s best interest.