College Athletics

Students interested in college athletics face added responsibilities during the college search process.

At Pomfret, we provide  athletic counseling services to address the unique college admission needs of our student-athletes. These services include consultation, eligibility assessment, strategy development, and offer evaluation.

Our athletic counseling services begin when the student's coach at Pomfret assesses his/her candidacy for college athletics and provides guidance regarding where to direct the student’s search. After the initial consultation, student athletes can choose to pursue one or more of the following support services in partnership with the College Counseling Office and the Athletic Department:

  • Academic on-boarding and advice for student-athletes
  • Evaluation of candidacy for athletic scholarships

  • Assistance with applying to schools and attracting college athletic recruiters

  • Recommendations for Division I, II or III programs that best fit student’s needs and goals

  • NCAA recruitment procedures, rules, deadlines, and policies

  • NCAA Eligibility Center and related policies for student-athletes

  • Athletic-admissions rubrics including the Ivy League Academic Index

  • Recommendations for engagement in athletic camps, clinics, and showcases

  • Development of strategies for coach-to-coach contact

  • Creation of athletic resumes and cover letters for athletic coaches

  • Guidance for generating video highlight packages

  • Review of athletic and admission offers from colleges