College Counseling

There are 4,000 colleges in the US. Our job is to find the right one for you.

At Pomfret, the entire community works together to provide you with the direction, advice, and encouragement you need to be successful in college and life.

From convocation to commencement, our dedicated team of counselors, advisors, and teachers will help you identify and explore your unique strengths, hidden talents, and budding interests; develop a personalized four year plan based on your goals and aspirations; manage the stress and anxiety of the college search process; understand your best-fit college options; build an authentic college application; and put you in touch with Pomfret alumni who are in college right now.

When the time comes, we provide carefully researched counselor evaluations and teacher recommendations to help you stand out. In recent years, our graduates have matriculated to some of the country's best universities. And beyond college, our alumni have gone on to — quite literally — change the world.

Carey Lectures

The W.P. Carey Lecture Series brings a representative from respected colleges and universities to campus each year.

School Profile

A quick overview of our school, including our three-year matriculation list.


A listing of important dates, useful information, suggested readings, and friendly advice for current students and their families.