The Certificate Program

A college major, for high school students.

Our certificate program gives motivated, independent-minded students the opportunity to gain deep exposure to a specific area of study during their time at Pomfret. The result is a rare and powerful experience that encourages students to pursue a genuine interest with purpose and passion. Certificates are diploma distinctions that appear on a student’s transcript.


The Six Domains


Social Justice

Examine the historical roots of injustice and the contemporary strands of inequality impacting our world today.

Artistic Expression & Design

Give form to the innate urgings of the human spirit by creating something totally your own.

STEM Exploration

Harness the power of science, technology, engineering, and math to solve open-ended problems.

Global Citizenship & Awareness

Expand your definition of what it means to be a good neighbor through global civic engagement.


Explore all the different ways people are meeting the needs of today without exhausting the resources of tomorrow.

Character and Leadership

Identify and cultivate the attributes and skills that reveal your core values and potential to engage, problem-solve, and relate.


"The certificate program gives students the confidence to tackle messy, real-world problems, and it helps them articulate how their own personal journeys have shaped their worldview."

— Don Gibbs, Associate Head of School



Students can begin work on their chosen certificate starting junior year. The successful completion of a certificate requires foundational and concentration-level coursework, learning experiences outside of the classroom, a portfolio with reflections, meetings with a faculty mentor, and the successful defense of a capstone presentation. To qualify, each candidate must submit a proposal declaring his or her interest during the spring of sophomore year.