Trading Spaces

Classrooms are just the beginning.

At Pomfret, learning starts in the classroom, but it does not end there. From Olmsted Observatory to Cole Art Studio, these unique learning spaces are designed to get you thinking.


Powered by Google, our modern classrooms are flexible and adaptable. Sleek, modular furniture allows teachers and students to rearrange the room to suit their needs in real time, writable desks allow for easy collaboration, and short throw projectors can turn any surface into a computer.

Jahn Reading Room

Located in the School Building, this former art studio hosts annual performances like Broadway Night. A beautiful light-filled space, this versatile room is large enough to host form meetings, student life programs, workshops, public lectures, and social gatherings.

Learning Center

Located on the second floor of the du Pont Library, the Collaborative Learning Center takes full advantage of its integrated concept design, utilizing advanced technology and offering private rooms for one-on-one tutoring.


The Foundry is a tinkerer's paradise, complete with 3D printing, CNC fabrication, and laser cutting equipment. If you can imagine it, you can make it.

du Pont Library

In a light and airy setting, the du Pont library inspires our students to construct knowledge and create meaning from the resources around them.

Centennial Auditorium

One of two auditoriums on campus, this multi-use space can be used as a classroom, lecture hall, intimate performance venue, or movie theater.

Dark Room

Our photo lab has everything you need to develop your passion for photography.

Cole Studio

Named for longtime art teacher Chick Cole, this studio is one of the most iconic and beloved spaces on campus. Located in the Centennial building, generations of students have learned to paint in, and on, this studio and its walls.

Schoppe Dance Studio

Our dance studio is a place for you to explore movement through rhythmic and musical accompaniment; jazz, ballet, and modern technique; and to create original work.

Olmsted Observatory

On a clear night you can see 380 million stars through the telescope's primary lens, a Celestron 14. And thanks to a super-cooled CCD camera, the observatory is capable of taking photographs that would make Carl Sagan jealous.

Digital Arts Lab

Home to some of the most powerful computers on campus, this lab is the hub of our video production and 3D animation programs.

Hard Auditorium

The larger of our two auditoriums, this room plays host to our biggest school gatherings, including theater performance and the Schwartz Visiting Fellow lecture series.


A passive solar aquaponics greenhouse built by students, this space is part garden, part aquarium, part science lab, and part zen retreat. On a cold winter day, this is one of the most popular spots on campus.