Purpose and Meaning

Inspiring the next generation of change makers and problem solvers.

Pomfret exists to equip each and every student with the skill, knowledge, character, and confidence they will need to meet society's most pressing challenges.

Our Mission and Vision

"Too often, the problems we face can feel intractable, the magnitude of the change overwhelming," says Head of School Tim Richards. "But I have always been, and always will be, an optimist. I take as an article of faith that one small school really can make a difference."

Our Mission

Pomfret School empowers students to pursue lives of purpose and meaning.

Our Vision

To inspire the next generation of change makers and problem solvers.

Our Values

They are the unseen influence behind every decision,

the internal motivation behind every action.



We care for ourselves, the people around us, and the community in which we live.

We come together to better address challenges and learn from each other.

We champion diversity and inclusion, seeking to understand and be understood.


We thrive on creativity, innovation, and change.

We inspire others with our engagement, determination, and optimism.

We take calculated risks and rebound from failure with renewed energy.


We treat people with respect and compassion.

We speak and act with sincerity, honesty, and civility.

We dare to hold ourselves and others accountable to the values of Pomfret School.

Our Graduates

No two graduates are the same.

But there are some things we all have in common.


Portrait of the Graduate

Learns with curiosity and integrity • Engages inclusively with the community • Communicates purposefully • Navigates challenges strategically • Creates authentically • Leads and collaborates with humility • Cultivates habits of wellbeing