Be Together, Not the Same

Our diversity is the core of our humanity.

At Pomfret, we have been engaged in this work for more than fifty years. The first African American student graduated from Pomfret in 1961, the first female was accepted in 1968, and the first financial aid package was awarded in 1975. Today, the scale and scope of our work on race, gender, and class has expanded to include virtually every measure of diversity — from religion and sexual orientation to age and ability to culture and appearance. At Pomfret, it's what we do together that sets us apart.

Gender and Sexuality Alliance

GSA is an open-door, open-minded, open-hearted LGBTQ awareness group on campus. In the words of Bayard Rustin, we seek to be "angelic trouble makers" in the name of social justice. Our mission is to create a safe environment for LGBTQ members on campus and to educate the community about the rights and perspectives of LGBTQ people. Students, faculty, and staff are welcome to attend our bi-weekly meetings. GSA is responsible for organizing the Day of Silence.



VOICE is a student organization that lends support to minorities at Pomfret by creating a space on campus for students to discuss opinions that matter to them. VOICE does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, nationality or creed. All Pomfret students are welcome to join.


Hillel is the Jewish organization on campus, open to all community members of all faiths. Hillel aims to foster Judaism, Jewish culture and heritage, and engage the larger Pomfret community in reflection and learning. The group celebrates the major holidays, and hosts events and meals. It aims to make all Jewish students feel welcome on campus however they observe Judaism.

Hillel celebrates the following holidays:

  • Rosh Hashanah: Challah braiding and apple picking
  • Sukkot: pizza party under the pergola
  • Chanukah: Chanukah party
  • Purim: Mask making and hamantaschen cookie baking
  • Passover Seder
  • National Day of Unplugging
  • Shabbat: Monthly Dinners
  • Yom HaShoa (Holocaust Remembrance Day): Observation and reflection

International Students Club

International Students Club is run by a student president and provides fun activities both on campus and off. The International Club has had dances, hosted dinners using favorite dinners from home, celebrated events such as Chinese New Year, and planned Sunday bus trips to Boston and Providence.


CultureFest is a student-run group that seeks to recognize and celebrate the different cultures represented within the Pomfret community through education and entertainment. By providing opportunities for community members to sample different cultures, we hope to foster a spirit of inquiry and appreciation that will lead to a deeper understanding of our shared cultural heritage. CultureFest seeks to educate its audience as well as to entertain it.

In order to accomplish these goals, we organize the following activities:

  • CultureFest Week: A spring show that combines music, theatre, dance, poetry and story-telling among other forms of self expression
  • Trips to ethnic themed restaurants
  • Articles on important national days and cultural practices of our students and faculty in the Pontefract
  • Small workshops that explore cultural practices

Faculty Diversity Council

The Faculty Diversity Council is the administrative body tasked with implementing Pomfret's Diversity Strategic Plan. During the school year, the group meets on a regular basis to coordinate special events, support various clubs and organizations, and to advocate for specific school reforms.

    • Jillian Fogue – Spanish Teacher | Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Co-chair
    • Doug MacLeod – History Teacher | Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Co-Chair
    • Hannah Cooke – History Teacher | Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Co-Chair
    • Amy Graham – Director of Enrollment Management 
    • Don Gibbs – Dean of Academics
    • Marvin Aguilar – English Teacher
    • Charlotte McMahon – English Teacher, Form Dean
    • Louisa Jones – Assistant Director of Constituent Engagement 
    • Katie Forrestal – English Teacher
    • Mary Georgis – History Teacher 
    • Betty Bloch – Science Teacher 
    • Anthony Foronda – Digital Arts Teacher


are people of color


receive aid


Are International Students

Multicultural Resource Center

The Virginia S. Eaton Multicultural Resource Center was established in December 2015 to enrich the Pomfret community through increased knowledge, awareness, and understanding of diverse cultures and perspectives by addressing issues such as racism, sexism, economic and social inequity, and prejudice.

This multicultural resource center serves, supports, and empowers faculty, staff, students, and other constituents to actualize their full potential. In particular, the center focuses on the professional development of all faculty, and the recruitment, hiring and retention of faculty and administration of color.

The center is housed on the Pomfret School campus, and all public, private and faith-based schools within a one-hour radius will be eligible for membership, including schools in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

At Pomfret, we believe diversity is who we are. Diversity refers to those differences in identity that impact our social experiences, including status and access to resources. Most obviously it is determined by race, gender, and culture. On a more subtle level it includes class, sexual orientation, religion, ability, and appearance. We are guided by research which indicates academic excellence and a diverse learning environment are synergistically linked and that students in diverse classroom settings show growth in intellectual development, motivation, academic skills, standardized test scoring and grade point averages.

Pomfret is a founding member of SPHERE, a consortium of eleven Hartford area independent schools that came together in the early 1970s to broaden the diversity of their student bodies, administration, faculty, and staff. We are also a Charter Member and Legacy Award Recipient of A Better Chance, whose mission is to substantially increase the number of well-educated young people of color who are capable of assuming positions of responsibility and leadership in American society.


Hannah Cooke

History Teacher

Jillian Forgue

World Language Teacher

Douglas MacLeod

History Teacher