Transporting Students

A Public Passenger Endorsement (A) license is required before you can transport students in a vehicle.

Driving students is a small but important part of what we do at Pomfret, and all faculty members are required to hold this license. It is critical that you begin the application process immediately after being hired. Once properly submitted, it can take up to 16 weeks for the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to approve your application. In addition to the DMV requirements listed below, you must complete and return this driver application to the Business Office.

Getting a Connecticut License

Before you can apply for a Public Passenger Endorsement (A), you will first need to secure a driver's license issued by the State of Connecticut. The Department of Motor Vehicles requires new residents to transfer out-of-state licenses within 30 days of establishing residency in Connecticut. You are responsible for the cost of a Connecticut license.

Where To Go

The Willimantic Office is our closest full-service hub. The Putnam branch does not process out-of-state license transfers.

What to bring
What It Costs
  • The application fee is $40
  • The license fee is $72

The DMV accepts cash, money orders, personal checks, bank checks, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and most debit cards. If paying by check, please bring two checks for this process, and make them payable to DMV.

Public Passenger Endorsement

Once you have secured a Connecticut driver's license, you are ready to apply for your Public Passenger Endorsement (A) license. Pomfret will reimburse you for all of the direct expenses associated with getting this endorsement, and will pay the full cost of a physical examination with Dr. Nancy Austin on campus. If you choose to get your physical elsewhere, the School will pay $50 toward the total cost of the exam.


The Willimantic Office is our closest full-service hub. The Putnam branch does not process public passenger endorsements.


    Connecticut Driver's License

    If you do not have a driver's license issued by the State of Connecticut, please see "Getting a License" before going any further.

    Certified Driving History and Criminal Record

    If you’ve held a Connecticut license for fewer than five years, you must present a certified driving history and a certified criminal record from previous licensing state(s). These histories must cover the last five years. The Department of Motor Vehicles can provide you with a certified driving history and the Department of Public Safety can provide you with a certified criminal record. This directory lists the phone numbers of each department by state. Applicants from the following closed record states are only required to submit a certified driving history: AZ, CA, MS, NC, TN, and VT.

    Please Note: Pomfret needs copies of the reports.

    Sex Offender Check

    To qualify for the public passenger endorsement, you'll need to run a sex offender check using this online database within 5 days of submitting your application to the DMV. Once the check has been performed, you must print the date-stamped list as proof.

    Fingerprint Form

    We strongly recommend you have your fingerprints done at the Fingerprint Unit of DESPP (Dept. of Emergency Services and Public Protection) in Middletown, CT, (860-685-8480). Hours are 8:30 – 4:15, Monday – Friday. Directions. You will need to bring a current license or passport for ID. No appointment is required. Pomfret will pay mileage costs associated with this trip.

    Physical Exam Certificate

    A completed Medical Examiner’s Certificate and a Medical Examination Report must be dated within 90 days of submitting your application. You can choose to schedule an exam with Dr. Nancy Austin on campus or seek out your own certified medical examiner. If choosing someone other than Dr. Austin, please consult this national registry to ensure the doctor is a certified medical examiner. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Austin, please contact Carol Raiford in the Health Center (860-963-6182).

    Please Note: Pomfret needs a copy of the medical examiner's certificate.

    Public Passenger Endorsement (A) Application

    You must also bring a completed application.

    What It Costs

    • The cost to get fingerprinted at the Fingerprint Unit is $15. The DESPP accepts cash or check. No credit cards.
    • The fingerprint processing fee at the DMV is $14.75. They do not accept cash for this fee.
    • The cost of the Public Passenger Endorsement (A) License is $102. The DMV accepts cash, money orders, personal checks, bank checks, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and most debit cards.

    Drug Testing

    In addition to the initial and random drug testing that is required by the state of Connecticut for all employees who drive students, Pomfret School reserves the right to administer drug tests to current employees when there is reasonable suspicion that an employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

    If an employee fails a drug test, discipline by the School will be determined by the Head of School on a case by case basis. To the extent possible, any and all test results and disciplinary discussions will be kept confidential. The School retains the right, in accordance with an individual’s at-will status as an employee of the School, to make any employment decision it deems appropriate, including possible termination of employment, as a result of failure to pass the drug test.

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