Reunion Weekend

One unforgettable weekend to catch up, kick back,
and reminisce with old friends in the place where it all began.

May 11-13, 2018


1943 • 1948 • 1953 • 1958 • 1963 • 1968 • 1973 • 1978 • 1983 • 1988 • 1993 • 1998 • 2003 • 2008 • 2013

Five Reasons You Should Come Back

Old friends are the best friends.

The older you get, the more important it is to see the people who knew you when you were young.

People get better with age.

Just like the wine we'll all be drinking.

Laughter is contagious.

When was the last time you really laughed?

A Facebook friend is not the same.

There’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen their face, but when was the last time you heard their voice?

Your graduation speaker was right.

Life is a journey. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to spend a weekend with the people who were there when it started.

Reunion Liaisons

50th & 30th

Vassar Pierce

Associate Director of Advancement


Johanna Mawson

Senior Advancement Officer

10th & 5th

Louisa Jones

Advancement Officer

25th & all others

Tammie LaBonte

Director of Reunion Engagement
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