The Gallery

A public celebration of the creative spirit.

Founded in 2013, the Pomfret School Gallery is home to a rotating exhibit of student, faculty, and guest artwork. It also serves as an intimate performance space. In 2017, the gallery moved to the historic Bosworth Block Building in the heart of downtown Putnam, CT. Overlooking Cargill Falls, this off-campus venue gives Pomfret student-artists the opportunity to create and curate exhibits and performances in a public space. Many student pieces are available for purchase, with proceeds benefiting the operation of the gallery. The Pomfret School Gallery is managed by Studio Arts Teacher Jean-Paul Jacquet.

A Disfigure Study

Opening Night: Friday, November 3, 2017 | 6:00 to 8:00 PM
Rebecca Pempek’s (Class of 2016) new body of work is a compilation of years devoted to perfecting the human form. The drawings and large oil paint canvases evoke a stream-of-consciousness narrative. For Pempek, this means painting as she goes and leaving marks, intentional and unintentional. The final results, the large canvases, portray rapid thin and thick gestural brushstrokes of luminous and stark colors, reminiscent of Abstract Expressionism. However, the sensual nature of the abstracted, contoured bodies in the drawings, which are even suggested in the paintings, resonate with those predominantly featured in Austrian Expressionist painter Egon Schiele’s oeuvre.

About the Artist

Rebecca Pempek ’16, a current studio art major at Davidson College in North Carolina, began her process through sketchbook print-collages. She explored the human figure in sketch after sketch, using different renditions and leaving previous embodiments behind for new ones. After numerous attempts, Pempek moved away from perfections to distortions, which allowed her to reconsider notions of natural beauty.

Artist Statement

These canvases demonstrate an evolution and maturity in my quest to understand the nuances of the figure. What initially began as clear figuration shifted to more cerebral imagery that questions the human spirit. This is a collection of juxtapositions: birth and death, light and dark, order and chaos, organic and inorganic, and remembering and forgetting. The gap between real and ideal is blurred harmoniously, and each work allows for a contemplative look at what is aesthetically accepted, and ultimately asks viewers to look closer.

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