Real Learning

We teach you how to think, not what to think.

The heart of the academic experience at Pomfret is our belief that students should be partners with their teachers in the dynamic business of acquiring knowledge. With a student-teacher ratio of 5:1, an average class block of 80 minutes, and 42 honors and advanced courses to choose from, our distinctive brand of education engages the mind, heart, and spirit. Here, you will learn how to solve problems, think creatively, make arguments, and build teams. Because at Pomfret, we don't just prepare you for college. We prepare you for life.

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Student Driven

At Pomfret, students and teachers are co-creators in the classroom, engaged together in making discoveries and pursuing new ideas. Under the careful guidance of experienced faculty who are experts in their field, our students design courses and investigate topics of their choosing, while also coming to understand their unique gifts and distinct strengths as students and people.


The most successful entrepreneurs and creative thinkers today are those who work across disciplines. Pomfret builds these essential skills into the curriculum through project-based learning. The curriculum stresses interdisciplinary study, with a number of courses team-taught by faculty from different disciplines. This focus, along with opportunities for independent and group projects in many classes, trains our graduates to ask their own questions, conduct research, and synthesize knowledge.


Classes at Pomfret are centered on collaboration and giving students the tools to understand how they learn best. With an average of ten students in a class, learning is a shared endeavor that relies on the contributions of every member of the class. Advanced and elective courses may be as small as two to five students working closely with their teacher.


Students today are inundated with data, but starved for knowledge. Pomfret addresses this need through "long block" scheduling that allows classes to meet for longer periods on a rotating basis. This means that you will not attend six classes a day as you would at many other schools. In stead you will attend three longer classes and have more time between classes to absorb what you have learned. The long block approach enables the exploration of material in greater depth and time for student projects that require ongoing research, experimentation, and hands-on construction. This schedule has been intentionally designed to create a more balanced pace in school life and to promote deep learning.

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