Tailor Made

Because no two people learn quite the same way.

At Pomfret, we offer a variety of support systems to help students succeed academically and socially. Faculty are available for extra help during the day, and peer tutors are available in the writing, math, science, and world language centers during study hall hours each evening.

Collaborative Learning Center | PROGRAM FEE: $1,200 per Term

Located on the second floor of the du Pont Library, the Collaborative Learning Center (CLC) takes full advantage of its integrated concept design, utilizing advanced technology and offering private rooms for one-on-one tutoring. Open to all students, the purpose of the CLC is to help students gain the necessary skills to be successful independent learners. In particular, the center works with students to develop important self-advocacy skills so that they are aware of their individual learning styles and can communicate effectively to teachers about the ways that they learn best. The center is staffed with a director and two learning specialists, who work with students and their teachers to help create a positive learning experience for each student.


For students with documented learning differences, the director will work with families to put in place an official accommodations plan. These plans are then shared with a student’s teachers, advisor, and the director of studies. Accommodations that are frequently suggested include extended time, preferential seating, use of a computer, testing in a separate room, copies of teacher’s notes, and organizational assistance. The Director also works with families to help students apply for accommodations on standardized tests like the SAT and ACT.

Study Skills and Test Prep

The CLC provides individual and small-group instruction that focuses specifically on planning and organization, time management, effective study skills, taking notes, written expression, and testing strategies. Students working with the Collaborative Learning Center meet on a regular basis two or three times per week. Meetings with learning specialists are arranged around the student’s class schedule. Extra help during exam times is also provided.

Subject Tutoring


Tutoring is meant for students who need more individualized support in a specific subject than extra help can provide. Students are still expected to see their teachers for extra help, but tutoring is an opportunity for additional individualized instruction and support. Subject tutoring is scheduled on a weekly basis for as long as a student needs support. It is not necessary to contract with a tutor for the full term.

Supported Study Hall

The CLC offers a supported study hall for students who study and learn better in a more structured environment. Students are referred to supported study hall by their advisors or the Director of Studies. During these evening sessions, a faculty member oversees the planning and execution of a daily homework plan for the students. Throughout the evening, the faculty member will check in with the students to provide guidance and encouragement as they complete their assignments.

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