Project: Pomfret

Every year we set aside time to explore and investigate problems that inspire and perplex us.

Rooted in the principles of design thinking, Project: Pomfret encourages students and faculty to construct complex ideas in ways that are deeply and uniquely transformative. As the program unfurls, students working in small teams immerse themselves in the design process. They imagine and they make. They conceptualize and they create. They think and they do. Faculty members, working side-by-side with students, serve as co-learners and journey guides. The capstone of the program is Project: Pomfret Palooza — where students share and celebrate their design work with the Pomfret community.

Design thinking is a way of seeing the world. From climate change to poverty to education to technology, society is grappling with what Horst Rittel famously called “wicked problems” — the complex, ill-defined, disruptive forces shaping our planet. By adopting a design thinking mindset at Pomfret, we are equipping our students with the skills they will need to meet and solve these challenges head-on.

Meet Don Buckley

Scientist, technologist, educator, author, traveler, design thinker, innovator

A public intellectual known for his groundbreaking work in the field of education and innovation, Don is here to help shape the design thinking experience for our students. “Because we live in a world of complex and ambiguous problems,” he says, “design thinking needs to be part of our everyday habits.”

Buckley got his start teaching in a New York City classroom. He is a former industrial chemist, published photographer, and consultant. The author of Pearson’s Interactive Science Program, he currently teaches a graduate course at Columbia Teacher’s College in Educational Technology.

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